Imagine being an ICU nurse & aspiring CRNA and you:

  • 01.

    Had a personalized roadmap that guided you through each step of the CRNA school admissions process.

  • 02.

    Could confidently submit your application to CRNA school, knowing that you have maximized your qualifications and positioned yourself as an exceptional candidate.

  • 03.

    Had the confidence and belief in yourself that you can overcome any challenges standing in your way of CRNA school acceptance.

The CRNA School Accelerator course is for you if:

  • An ICU nurse who is already burnt out. You’re ready to leave bedside nursing, and looking for a highly rewarding and lucrative advanced nursing profession.

  • An ICU nurse with a non-traditional background or experience. But you're not your past mistakes, setbacks, or difficulties. And ready to become what you deserve as a CRNA.

  • Spending countless hours trying to piece together information from scattered sources. And feel like you're operating in the dark with no guidance or support on your CRNA school journey.

  • Struggling with a lack of self-esteem and self-doubt. And just need guidance, support, and encouragement to rise above those limiting beliefs and achieve your CRNA dreams.

  • Constantly blaming yourself for your bad grades, anxiety, or even your fears. Which are preventing you from going all in to fulfill your dreams of becoming a CRNA.

  • An ICU nurse who has applied to CRNA school and is tired of being rejected. And may now be struggling with the belief that acceptance is no longer possible.

Hi, I’m Kiki!

Your Pre-CRNA School Coach/Consultant

You’re exhausted from the long hours, demanding schedules, and limited growth opportunities in your critical care unit and it‘s taking a toll on your overall well-being and career satisfaction. 

I also know you’re one of the hardest-working front-line critical care nurses. You're constantly working long hours and caring for everybody but yourself. I understand your struggles firsthand because I was in your shoes years ago.

I found myself wandering things like:

  • How can I have a better work-life balance?

  • Will I be stuck in bedside nursing forever with no opportunity for growth?

  • And is it possible to achieve a better quality of life, both personally and professionally?

I bet you’ve had some of these same thoughts. 

My CRNA School journey began way back in 2004 when I was a Surgical Technologist with the desire of becoming a CRNA one day… let’s say it was so far off it was just that- a desire and didn’t seem at all realistic.

It took me over a decade to finally gain acceptance into a CRNA program. But today, I stand before you as a testament that perseverance, determination, and let’s not forget having a strategic plan pays off.

Now picture this: What if I told you that you can achieve the same success as me and get all the information you need to become one of the most competitive CRNA school applicants? With the CRNA School Accelerator Program, break free from the limitations of bedside nursing and unlock a future filled with freedom, flexibility, and financial rewards.

As a CRNA with admissions committee experience and the founder of The CRNA Chase Academy, my purpose is clear: to assist 400 critical care nurses, just like you, in achieving acceptance into highly competitive Doctorate-level Nurse Anesthesia programs this year. I believe that every ICU nurse has the potential to succeed in this hefty goal, and that includes you. 

Through the powerful framework of the CRNA School Accelerator Program, we will work together to overcome any obstacles, hone your strengths, and create a winning application that grabs the attention of admissions committees. 

Let's embark on this transformative journey together and make your dream of becoming a CRNA a reality. 

So you #dontberejected! Like I was.

By the end of the CRNA School Accelerator, you will be able to:

  • Gain Insider Tips: Access insider tips and best practices from successful CRNAs who have navigated the admissions process and excelled in their programs.

  • Increase Your Confidence: Overcome self-doubt and build the confidence needed to present yourself as a strong candidate during the application and interview process.

  • Complete Your CV & Personal Statement: Crafting a compelling CV and personal statement is crucial for a strong CRNA school application. 

  • Ace Your Interview: Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but you will receive the tools, strategies, and practice you need to ace your CRNA school interview and secure your spot in a CRNA program.

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Bonuses Included

In addition to the Course + Community you will also get:

  • 30-Minute CRNA School Strategy Session

    $297 value

When you join today you get access to the:

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the CRNA School Acceptance Accelerator Course!

    2. Intro: Create a Future CRNA Mindset

    1. Remember to Join the TCC Academy Community!

    1. My Journey to becoming a CRNA

    1. Define Your Purpose

    2. List Your Term Goals

    3. Assess Your Chances of Acceptance

    4. Figure Out Your Next Steps

    5. Recap of Module 1 Resources

    6. Class Notebook

    1. What Academic Requirements Do I Need

    2. What Prerequisites You Need to Take

    3. What is the Best Type of ICU To Work In

    4. What GRE Score Should I Strive For

    5. The Top Certifications You Need to Obtain

    6. Other Things to Standout And Get Accepted

    7. Recap of Module 2 Resources

    8. Class Notebook

    1. School Search Strategy

    2. Recap of Module 3 Resources

    3. Class Notebook

About this course

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  • 43 lessons
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  • What does the CRNA School Acceptance Accelerator Course include?

    The Accelerator includes a comprehensive self-study course with immediate access for 1 year + lifetime access to a supportive community.

  • How will this course program benefit me?

    The course will give you personalized guidance, feedback, and expert advice from successful CRNAs with admissions experience. You'll receive the blueprint with valuable insights on how to strengthen your application, ace interviews, and improve your chances of acceptance.

  • Is thsis elf-study course accessible online?

    Yes, the self-study course is entirely online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • How does the lifetime community support work?

    As a course program member, you'll gain lifetime access to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals. This community provides ongoing support, guidance, opportunities, and a platform to share experiences and resources.

  • Can I access the course materials after the 1-year access period?

    Yes, after the initial 1-year access period, you will have the option to renew your access to the course materials at a discounted rate.

  • Are there any guarantees of acceptance into CRNA school with this self study course?

    While we cannot guarantee acceptance, our program is designed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and support to strengthen your application and increase your chances of acceptance.

  • Does the CRNA School Acceptance Accelerator Program offer a money-back guarantee?

    No, we do not offer a money-back guarantee on any digital product. The program is designed to provide you with valuable resources and support to maximize your chances of CRNA school acceptance. Our previous participants have seen great success, and we are confident you'll find the program highly beneficial for your CRNA journey.

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