If you are like me, I know you are highly motivated with huge goals because you want to better your life with the career of your dreams!

The decision to become a CRNA was the best choice I’ve ever made - and I think it can be that for you too if you believe in yourself.

Sometimes when you start to Google tips about getting into a CRNA school or what the career path looks like, you will find a lot of myths, misunderstandings, and misconceptions that can really scare people away from submitting their applications. 

There are many facts that simply are not true about the CRNA career that I often heard before and while I was attending CRNA school. Now, I want to debunk the most common CRNA myths for you and present the real deal about pursuing a successful CRNA career.

What will be the takeaways?

As a result of this training, you will learn the most common misconceptions and myths many have about the CRNA schooling process and career path while simultaneously gaining a stronger understanding of the strategies and actions necessary to succeed on the journey to CRNA.

Who is this for? This training will benefit:

  • Professionals interested in CRNA school applications
  • People who are not sure what’s true and what isn’t about the CRNA process
  • Medical professionals on the CRNA career path

Who is this not for? This is not ideal for:

  • Students who have no interest or involvement in the CRNA school applications or career acquisition process.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Future CRNA!

    1. How I Got Here

    1. CRNA School Myths Debunked Video Training

    2. CRNA School Myths Debunked Workbook

    1. Introducing the CRNA School Made Possible Membership: Join the Waiting List!

About this course

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  • 5 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Our Guarantee

Our mission is to provide unwavering support and guidance to ICU nurses who may not initially see themselves as the most competitive applicants for CRNA school. 

By helping you develop the skillset and learn the techniques needed to succeed at gaining CRNA school acceptance —without costing you, your family, health, or sanity in the process.

Ignite your CRNA career starting today