Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are all intrinsically linked. What we think influences how we feel, which changes how we behave. When we lose control and spiral into a pattern of negative thinking, it starts to show up in the world around us.

We all have unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs from time to time - but we get to choose whether or not those thoughts stick. It’s important to know what to do when negative patterns appear, so we don’t let them impact our choices throughout the course of our day. 

The CRNA school application process can be time-consuming and require significant effort. Developing a positive mindset helps individuals maintain focus, stay motivated, and navigate through the various requirements, such as completing prerequisites, gathering recommendation letters, and preparing for interviews.

What will be the takeaways?

In this training, we will cover:

  • How to Break Your Addiction to Negative Thinking So You Check Off Some Goals 
  • Mind Over Matter: Building Mental Toughness for Your CRNA Journey

Who is this for? This training will benefit:

  • Professionals interested in breaking their stagnancy by adopting a growth mindset
  • People who find themselves limited by their own self- doubt
  • Anyone seeking a path for true personal development!

Who is this not for? This is not ideal for:

  • Students who are not ready to make a change. Transformation is a part of the process!
  • Professionals who have no interest in developing on a personal level
  • Anyone only interested in “hard” professionals skills who does not see the value of self belief

Our Guarantee

Our mission is to provide unwavering support and guidance to ICU nurses who may not initially see themselves as the most competitive applicants for CRNA school. 

By helping you develop the skillset and learn the techniques needed to succeed at gaining CRNA school acceptance —without costing you, your family, health, or sanity in the process.

Course curriculum

    1. Hey there Future CRNA!

    1. How My CRNA Career Began

    1. How to Break Your Addition To Negative Thinking So You Can Check Off Some Goals

    2. Building Mental Toughness for Your CRNA Journey

    3. Mindset for CRNA Success Workbook

    1. Introducing CRNA School Made Possible

About this course

  • $13.00
  • 6 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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